WLS Surveys

In 1974, when I was 8 years old, our family moved from Carswell AFB, TX to Chanute AFB, IL. Sometime in late 1975, I discovered WLS broadcasting out of Chicago, some 121 miles away. Early in 1976, I picked up my first WLS survey. For the next five years, I collected the surveys, used them as shopping lists, marked them up and folded them and carried them around in my pants pockets before eventually depositing them in a Dingo Boots box. In 1981, we moved from Chanute AFB, IL to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. That Dingo box with my beloved surveys mysteriously disappeared during the move, never making it to Arizona.

Thirty-five years later, I discovered a nice man selling his collection of WLS surveys on eBay. Bought nearly 50 surveys from various years from him and he always included other Chicago radio station surveys with his unbelievably pristine WLS surveys. Then I ran into monetary issues for many months and when I got liquid again, I went back on eBay and found a former Chicago area record store owner who had put his entire store inventory in storage and moved to Utah. He was selling complete years of WLS surveys at a much, much cheaper price than I had been paying. I ordered a year's worth of surveys from him and much to my delight, they were also in pristine condition so, over the next two months, I ordered five more years worth and now I have nearly all the WLS surveys from 1977-1982 with about 20 surveys from 1976. It's more of a complete collection in better condition than I ever had in that Dingo box.

March 27      Part 2

August 27     Part 2     Part 3

Big 89 of 1977
(printed on the back of January 7, 1978)
January 28      Part 2

April 28      Part 2
September 1      Part 2

July 5      Part 2

February 21     Part 2


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