Great Music Mags: ICE - The Class of 1996

Raise your hand if you had one of these CD Openers back in 1996?
In case you may have missed them, here are
links to the previous cover galleries of ICE
featured here on The Hideaway:
1987   1988   1989
1990   1991   1992
1993   1994   1995
and after today's look at 1996, there
are just seven more years to go!

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  1. Is there any chance someone has the article about The Cars' scheduled release of 'Prototypes: Raw Hits And Rare Tracks'? It was slated to come out on June 25, 1996, (but was later scrapped) so I'm thinking the article may have been in the May issue. I would LOVE to have a scan of it, please! Feel free to email me at onlydjn@yahoo.com with any information about it. Thanks so much!