Great Music Mags: ICE - The Class Of 1988

HERC last published ICE covers in May, when he featured the covers from the first nine issues - all that were printed in the publication's inaugural year of 1987. As part of his renewed commitment to sharing his memories of this wonderful newsletter and all the breaking news of the time ("80-Minute CD Planned"), HERC is proud to present the covers of issues 10 through 21, the entire year from 1988.  The 3" CDs and two regular CD covers pictured are from various cover stories during the year and are obviously not to scale with the standard 8-1/2"x11" newsletter.  As always, click on an image to embiggen it.

The good news was the cover price was still $2 an issue though as part of his bulk ordered back issue deal, HERC only paid $1.  All of the white covers above represent reprints as the original publication was printed on tan paper.  Another positive was the switch to a smaller yet easier to read font.

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