So Fresh: Winter and Spring 2014 vs Now 2014 Vols. 1 and 2 [AUS]

Down in Australia, the record labels continue to wage war with their competing smash hit pop song compilations under the So Fresh and Now banners.  During the Summer here in the States, it was Winter down under and So Fresh: The Hits Of Winter 2014 was released in June and features twenty-two tracks including a few of the biggest hits of the Summer here in the U.S.  Kind of boggles HERC's America-centric mind that those songs will be forever known in Australia as Winter hits.

Released in September 2014, So Fresh: The Hits Of Spring 2014 features twenty-one songs, including HERC's personal pick for Summer Song of 2014 in the lead-off spot.  For the record, tracks 3, 4 and 12 are also HERC Hits.  Buying the Deluxe Edition of The Hits Of Spring 2014 includes a bonus DVD featuring a dozen music videos of  songs from the CD portion.

In May, Now 2014 Volume 1 came to market with a full arsenal of twenty-two tracks.  In HERC's mind, the earworm on the album has been "Let Go For Tonight" by Foxes:

Now 2014 Volume 2 hit stores in August and try as he might, HERC could not find even one track worth hearing again.  With the three month window between the two volumes, here's hoping that a Volume 3, with a stronger track list, sees the light of day before Christmas which in Australia is a Summer thing.

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  1. Sounds like many of the tracks I have been enjoying all summer!!!!