Great Music Mags: ICE - The Class Of 1993

I can't speak for all of you but my 1993 was quite eventful. Among the two biggest highlights were the birth of our third child in May and my retirement from the less-than-wonderful world of fast-food management in July. A month of fruitless and frustrating job searching followed, ending only when a certain former video rental chain called about my recent app. Consequently, my CD buying was severely curtailed from about March through November but I came back strong, snatching up many discs used or on sale. I also relied on borrowing discs from my good friends and new co-workers. Based on the covers of the dozen issues of ICE from 1993 pictured below, it appears it was The Year Of The Box Set. What are some of your favorite albums from that year? Please let me know in the comments below.
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