I discovered Aziz Ansari simultaneously when the NBC series Parks & Recreation debuted and then saw his first stand-up special on Comedy Central. I enjoy his relentless enthusiastic delivery and lightning quick wit. After the demise of the series, I was curious what his next move would be and Aziz wasted no time, releasing his fourth stand-up special (Live At Madison Square Garden), publishing a book (Modern Romance: An Investigation) and creating as well as starring in a new series that was quickly picked up by Netflix, Master Of None, in successive order over a few months. 
After putting it off for months I finally binged Master Of None over the course of two weeks - I do have a life! - and am more a fan of the man then ever before. Each episode tackles an aspect (Parents, Nashville, etc) of his character Dev's life in both funny, authentic and touching ways, helped in no small part by having his friends and his own parents portray themselves. I know I am not the desired demographic, skewing 20 years too high, but I highly recommend the show. Thankfully for viewers like me (I hope I'm not the only one) there is music aplenty in each and every episode and when I went to Spotify to create a playlist, I found that one had already been created. It is a very diverse playlist, laced with old school hip-hop, eighties New Wave, jazz, country, Bollywood and other soundtrack themes. Clocking in at just over five hours, I suggest putting it on shuffle and going on about enjoying your day. The series has been renewed for a second season so hopefully we'll get more of the same from music supervisor Zach Cowie and his co-supervisor Kerri Drootin.

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