Great Music Mags: ICE - The Class Of 1989

Today we're featuring all twelve members of ICE's Class of 1989. The newsletter maintained its eight page layout throughout the year and unveiled a new masthead/logo with the August issue, number 29 only to slightly alter it the next month through the rest of the year. Please note the rapid demise of the CD-3: it was touted in January but by April, the format was wavering. Click on scans to enlarge.

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  1. Yep, sounds about right on the CD-3 demise... Purchased Metallica's "One" at about the same time as that April headline. Last CD-3 I ever intentionally bought, as a matter of fact. I say "intentionally" because over 3 whole years later, Trent Reznor decided it'd be fun to include a bonus CD-3 along with Nine Inch Nails' "Broken" EP. Ticked me off at the time cuz' I had to dig out an old adapter to play the new/old relic. (Reminds me of artists like Pearl Jam in recent years who've included cassettes in their Super Deluxe Box Sets). Worth the hassle for NIN's "Physical" cover, though.

  2. I loved the CD3 format and still do. A lot of indie/underground artists would use it as a way to say "you don't remember these? Then here's about 22 minutes of music you'll like", and I almost think they did it as a way to also say "this is dead media but only 100 people will buy this, be one of those people." I did like the fact that Japan continued doing the CD3 while the US and UK phased it out, which was also a way to find some cool remixes and B-sides that were never available on digital elsewhere at the time. At least they eventually made CD players and CD-ROM's that could play them, and fortunately I think I still have one of the adapters somewhere. I do wish CD3's were more popular and maybe it had to do with the confusion of the format. Nonetheless, I liked it and like Dirk Digglingator, I too have Metallica's ONE CD3 along with a small handful of others.