Great Music Mags: ICE - The Class of 1991

Time for another ICE cover photo gallery!  This time we're going back to 1991.  Won't distract you with pictures of CDs as we have in the past, just straight up scans of the covers of all twelve issues (46-57) presented in chronological order and a fun little game: Hidden in plain sight on one of these dozen images is a pretty big error - can you find it?  As usual, click on images to embiggen.  Happy Sleuthing!

Looking for more scans of ICE, including complete issues? Just click on ICE in tags below and be sure to leave a comment before you go.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty big error, you say?? You mean other than "January 1991/Issue 46" also turning up in March? Nope, don't see it! :)

    Oh, and as for the formation of "JAM" discussed in July's issue? All these years later, Dirk's still an advocate for CD jewel-boxes; waging war against any & all who dare side with those evil cardboard manufacturers!!