Playlisticle: FIZZ POP MODERN ROCK VOLS. 1 and 2 (1997)

Twelve inch singles and EPs have always been favorites of mine.  In June 1980, Epic released four ten inch EPs by three emerging artists (Propaganda, New Musik and The Continentals) and future Hall of Famers, Cheap Trick, in both Canada and the U.S.  Epic dubbed the experiment Nu Disk and each record contained just four tracks, equally split between the two sides.  While researching Nu Disks for a future post, I came across two compilation compact discs titled Fizz Pop Modern Rock Vols. 1 and 2. The title of the discs is taken from a Continentals song, the first track and also the title of their Nu Disk.  The song, a burst of power pop, appears as the tenth and final track on Vol. 1 of Fizz Pop Modern Rock disc.
If you are an Eighties loving music fan and collector, you probably have the majority of the twenty songs spread across both discs of Fizz Pop Modern Rock.  Whether you do or you don't, you does or you doesn't, the playlists below are for your listening pleasure and contain 17 of the 20 songs found on the discs.  Apparently, the first volume is the only CD release of the song "Fizz Pop (Modern Rock)" and can command double or treble the price of of the second volume. Both discs were originally released in 1997 at "bargain" prices and are readily available online.
This one has nine really good songs.  And a song by King.  Have to give it a demerit based on inclusion of English version of "99 Luftballoons" rather than original German version of "99 Red Balloons".  Actually, with the exception of those two songs, the disc is a very good listen.

The sequel suffers by comparison though there are a few stand-out tunes.  Roachford is always a revelation for those who have never heard him though his track and Joan Jett's track, both released in 1988, seem somewhat out of time with rest of tracks.  The best advice I can give in this situation is to listen to this playlist containing both volumes.

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  1. Other than hearing it played on American Top 40 during its chart run, I never once heard the German version of Nena's "99" on any of my local stations back in Early-'84... The English version was all they played; and as a result, is the only "Balloon" that pops for these ears.