YACHTOBER: The After Party

I'll let you guys in on a little secret. Here's how posts get written here at Hideaway HQ:
  • I choose a topic and then start free writing, typing as fast and as furious as I can for as long as I can;
  • then I read what I wrote and if I decide to proceed with the post, I begin the editing process, cleaning up the grammar and spelling and then researching and filling in details like format, charts, and links;
  • lastly, I illustrate the post with images or embedded playlists or both and then I schedule it for publication.
Hope you enjoyed that peek behind the curtain. The three pictures at top of this post have been languishing in my yacht rock images folder for more than a month so I shoe-horned them in on this, the after party post for YACHTOBER.
But first, here is the very last picture from the yacht rock images folder - you might recognize her from that one time she told us the tide was high but she was holdin' on. Or that time she said there was a Man Overboard. She's had the Bermuda Triangle Blues and been in Love At The Pier. Maybe you saw her on the Island Of Lost Souls or near the Bikini Atoll when they tested the Atomic bomb?
It's all happening. Our host for the opening set is DJ Freddy G with his Digital Visions Re-Edits of these yacht rock favorites:

DJDiscoCat takes over for the second set of this boon-docker bonanza blowout and below you will find his purrfect mixes for the occasion.
aka some dude plugged his iPhone into the PA system before the power was shut off


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