YACHTOBER: Professor Eddy's SMOOTH SAILING - The 2016 Voyages

After a grueling YACHTOBER, we have sailed back into the harbor only to find the lovely Joan Smalls unexpectedly welcoming our safe return. Maybe it's the severe dehydration talking but since I featured Professor Eddy's SMOOTH SAILING mixes for 2014 and 2015, it seems only fitting to put a bow on YACHTOBER by featuring his ten SMOOTH SAILING mixes thus far for 2016. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for our voyage and most especially those who took the time to share and comment. We may sail again.

In the liner notes to his Lazy Waves & Laid Back Songs (aka Joan in green bikini top) mix above, Professor Eddy gives a special thanks to K "who inspired me with his Summer Breeze series..." Here are the six mixes from the Summer Breeze series.

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  1. Many thanks to Prof Eddy for turning me on to some great tunes, most notably the 1982 Leslie Smith stuff (see Slow Disco & Sunny Pop cloudcast).