WARNING! Dear Mom (and any other possibly easily offended viewers) please be forewarned that there are naked female heinies pictured below and above as those were the images chosen by the DJ to illustrate his playlists. Consider yourselves warned.

DJ Paul Hillery aka pH describes himself as "A heathen, conceivably, but not, I hope, an unenlightened one" which of course is a line from the super-creepy 1973 British horror film The Wicker Man. Paul has but two hardfast rules about the records he spins: "Rule one is that they must always be played as loudly as possible. Rule two is that they should never, ever be by Queen." I'm all down for that first rule but methinks the second rule might be a little "Stone Cold Crazy". The man known as pH builds his mixes from vinyl while holding down his day job as an in-demand graphic designer.
Many of pH's mixes have been featured on the AOR Disco site and since 2014, he has dropped 12 (+1) mixes in a series he calls West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock. His chosen songs are a little more obscure than most of the others we've featured this YAHCTOBER as pH lets his crate-digging and personal definitions of the three titular genres speak for itself.
Initially I came across him via his second mix, the one he calls Grind It Out, after the funky little Nick Holmes song of the same title. It was not the music that first attracted me to that mix though; it was the vintage photo he originally used as cover art - the replacement image can be seen above. You know how drawn I am to women on roller skates.
Those heinies I mentioned at top of post can be found below along with links to each mix. Notice how pH became a little more conservative with his cover art and then went a different way before returning to his original elegant, crested logo while going with simple colors on the final two covers.
rare Wal-Mart cover for third mix
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(Using "titular" and "heinies" in the same post is gonna get this listed on the directory of worst porn sites.)
bonus "indecent" exposures

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