You ever come across something you like and then discover that it's just the tip of the iceberg, that there is a whole lot more good stuff just waiting to be discovered? One of my more recent "icebergs" has been the delightful free-form community radio station 103.3 Asheville FM, the unique shows they broadcast, the dedicated DJs that create and host the shows as well as the blogs built around those shows.
It all started with the blog 7 Inches Of 70s Pop, which I discovered via a link from The Hits Just Keep On Coming (or maybe The CD Project?) I came across the site, which offers snarky takes on classic 45s of the Seventies, just a few months before it was abandoned in the Spring of 2014 just as the Show N K-Tel show and site began in the Winter of 2013 before it too went dormant three years later. Both were hosted and curated by Adrian Qiana.
Then I found the wonderful and long-running The Uncola hosted by DJ Erik Mattox and finally, the reason we are gathered here today, The Westcoast Breeze hosted by Laguna Lou, though I have strong suspicions that all the shows and most of the sites I've mentioned are done by the same person: one Mr. Erik Pflaumbaum, who I know from a newspaper article about 103.3 Asheville FM goes by the name Erik Mattox on-air.  But I get that for I am HERC.
From the offical 103.3 Asheville FM site:
The WestCoast Breeze is blowing in to smooth out your day with WestCoast pop rock and soul from the 70s, 80s and 90s as NuCoast pop from the new Millennium. Let Laguna Lou shift it down to neutral for you. 
Laguna Lou lays around the shores of Malibu, with his dog, Doobie. When he's not driving around in his Tradesman van solving crimes, he's spreading his love of WestCoast music from shore to shore around the world.
Laguna Lou officially launched The Westcoast Breeze in May 2015 but the show actually had its origins on The Uncola, where Mattox plays all those 45s and deep cuts that never had their titles announced by Casey Kasem, in the five Annual Specials linked below:
By my count, Laguna Lou has played over nine-hundred different tracks on his 68 one-hour weekly episodes of The Westcoast Breeze thus far, including shows to honor the passings of Glenn Frey, David Bowie and Prince. Check out all the shows on Lou's Mixcloud site or dip your toes in below with his most popular mix featuring songs from Firefall, Eric Bishop, Christopher Cross, Eric Tagg, and others.

What do you guys think NuCoast pop is?

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