The comedy website Hello Loser's motto is "We make fun of people so you don't have to" but I've only checked them out for two things: their annual Christmas mixes and the snarky countdown of the Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs Of All-Time, which has been published serial style, ten songs at a time, since August 2013 yet we're only up to number 31 on the countdown. That's just eight posts across thirty-eight months. There are some obvious choices here like there are in every such playlist but there are also some lesser-known tracks like those by Heidecker & Wood, Crawler, and Dwayne Ford. Also included on the list is this track from a former Boston cop last seen hawking insurance. The song also makes my personal yacht rock playlist.
And while a certain level of cheesiness within the yacht rock genre can be expected, playlist curator Dirty South must serve a lot of wine on his cruising vessel cause he's packed a lot of cheese into his playlist thus far. Jimmy Buffett is nyacht rock (right?) and Joe Jackson seems like he may have stepped out into the wrong playlist along with arena (not marina) rock titans Journey, Styx, and Foreigner. And do we seriously need three Toto songs? Your yacht rock playlist, like mine, may differ. One of my favorite yacht rock songs, which never shows up on anybody else's playlist, is by three former Byrds:
Another song I have on my playlist is from Climax Blues Band and it's not "Couldn't Get It Right" which comes in at number 42 on the Hello Loser list. The opening notes make me feel like I am on the water with the sunlight reflecting off the glassy smoothness and I don't know why - I've only been out "on the water" maybe a dozen times in my fifty years.
I was hoping if I dropped anchor and stalled long enough, the remaining Top 30 of the Top 100 Greatest Yacht Rock Songs Of All-Time would appear out on the horizon and come sailing into the harbor but it looks like we've had no such luck so here's the playlist in countdown order from number 100 ("Still The One" by Orleans) to number 31 (the aforementioned Dwayne Ford's "Lovin' And Losin' You") enjoy and please feel free to speculate in the comments below what that Top 30 may hold when it is finally revealed. In case you're wondering what the songs are in the playlist, each title appears in our pink anchor above. Below the playlist, you'll find the links to the seven parts of the countdown Dirty South has posted so far with the last one coming more than a year ago.

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