HEARD IT ON THE RADIO Volume 2 [1999]


Released in 1999, Heard It On The Radio Vol. 2 featured acts from CBS and its associated stable of labels. The sixteen tracks were originally released circa 1977-1985 and only six songs managed to make the Hot 100.  HERC counts on three fingers the songs on this album he had heard prior, thanks to the two radio stations he was listening to at the time:

"She Looks A Lot Like You" - The Clocks

"Hot Cherie" - Danny Spanos

"10-9-8" - Face To Face

That last record, the 12" Dance Mix of "10-9-8" is the only one of the three HERC owns.  The thing about Face To Face is that the male members portrayed the Attackers, Ellen Aim's backing band in the 1984 film Streets Of Fire. According to the soundtrack album's liner notes, Face To Face's singer, Laurie Sargent, shared lead vocals on the film's opening number "Nowhere Fast":

And Sargent can be heard singing the Stevie Nicks composition "Sorcerer" in the film but was replaced by Marilyn Martin on the soundtrack album.

titleartistyearlabelHot 100
1She Looks A Lot Like YouThe Clocks1982Boulevard Records67
2BitchWidow1985CBS Associated Records
3You Could Take My Heart AwaySilver Condor1981Columbia32
5Stone Cold SoberCrawler1977Epic65
6Hot CherieDanny Spanos1983Epic
7Gimme Your LoveNantucket1979Epic
8Don't Leave Me Alone TonightNetwork1977Epic
9Mainstreet U.S.A.Union1981Portrait
10Rock SchoolHeaven1983Columbia
1110-9-8Face To Face1984Epic38
12Sweet Lui-LouiseIronhorse1979Scotti Bros. Records35
13Special To YouNoel & the Red Wedge1982Scotti Bros. Records
14What's A Matter BabyEllen Foley1979Epic92
15No More LiesNeal Schon & Jan Hammer1982Columbia
16DreamsBarry Goudreau1980Portrait/Epic

There are several decent tracks on Heard It on The Radio Vol. 2 waiting to be (re)discovered by fans of late 70s and early 80s FM Rock.  Although the CD itself is fairly scarce, the album is readily available in digital format via the usual suspects.


  1. I am a big Face To Face fan (review of their debut coming this year to my blog).

  2. Let the countdown begin: