Music 2013 - HERC's Top 10 Songs

The songs are presented in the same order as they are pictured above.  No ranking is implied other than these were HERC's 10 Favorite Songs this year.

HERC was tipped to this B-side by AOR DISCO and he's been passing it on ever since.

HERC wrote about this one back in August.  It still holds its majestic power.

Technically this remix came out in 2012 but it was a cool, sunny day in March 2013 when HERC declared it his jam by fully showing off the Blueberry's sound system during HERC's drive home from the dealer for the very first time.  "Sail" was the go-to song until the song below came onto the scene.

This one lit up the Fender system in The Blueberry all through the Summer after its release just before his birthday in April.  HERC declared his love of the song in a May post, the first of his Summer Smoothie series.  Had it not been for HERC listening to three different versions of the song through the year, it surely would have been his #1 most played song on his Spotify Year In Review.

Relentlessly groovy song with all kinds of retro sounds.  The song was originally released in 2011 but HERC first heard it on the album released in 2013.  The video is awesome as well.

HERC likes Hanson.  Deal with it.

Another older song that came back onto HERC's radar when he saw it performed on Saturday Night Live back in March; that same episode featured the world premiere of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" teaser.  Impossible to sit still when this one comes on.

Another 2011 song that eluded HERC's ears until 2013.  Briefly knocked "Get Lucky" off the throne as the official driving song in The Blueberry.

This one's a slow burner from July 2012 but it is currently rising on the Hot 100 at #7 this week so HERC wasn't the only one to catch the Passenger train late.  Depending on your mood and the time of day, this song can be just sad or completely and utterly devastating.

HERC heard it, loved it, wrote about it back in June.  He doesn't like any of the other songs on the album though.  Sorry, girl.

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