Demon/Harmless's BACKBEAT series: SOUL STEPPERS

The tenth release in Backbeats series is Soul Steppin: 80s Soul Steppers and, fortunately for us, all but one of the tracks are available to listen to on Spotify.  The fourteen tracks are post-Disco dance music primarily drawn from the three boogie-down metropolises of Chicago, Philadelphia and New York.  Nearly half of the tracks run more than six minutes for maximum dancibility.  Other than Patti LaBelle's slow jam "I'm In Love Again" all the tracks are upbeat and worthy of any party where there is dancing.

We don't get so lucky with with 2 Steps To Soul Heaven: More 70s and 80s Steppers on Spotify with only eleven of its eighteen tracks currently available.  This time around, the song selection keeps one foot in the 80s while reaching back into the 70s with well-known tracks from The Staple Singers  ("Let's Do It Again") and Al Green ("Loving You").  Even The Dells (with two tracks) and Patti LaBelle make return appearances from the album above.  This one is #26 in the Backbeats series.

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  1. I've fallen head over heels for this Backbeats series. Keep 'em comin'!