Have You Heard?: Godley & Creme's "CRY" [1985]

Kevin Godley & Lol Creme had known each other since the 1950s and were in several bands together before linking up with Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart in 1969.  Upon getting their first record deal, the group's name became 10cc.  They managed two UK #1 singles and a #2 here in the States with "I'm Not In Love" before Godley & Creme left Gouldman and Stewart in 1976.  The latter two immediately scored a hit with "The Things We Do For Love" in 1977 [HERC bought the 45] but Godley & Creme would not see any successful singles until 1985's "Cry" which peaked at #19 on the UK charts and #16 on the Hot 100.

In addition to recording music, the pair achieved notable success as music video directors for both their own music and that of other artists, with several award winning videos to their credit including Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" (above) and HERC's favorite Police song ever "Wrapped Around Your Finger" (below).

But we're gathered here today for "Cry" (above).  This song is a Summer flashback for your boy HERC.  He played it when he was sad and he played it when he was happy; he played it on sunny days and he played it on rainy nights.    He bought both the 7" and the 12" singles.  When he hears it, it takes him back to 1985.  Unless he's watching Miami Vice and then it takes him back to 1986.

After some initial nastiness by Ted Nugent that preceded the opening credits we join Crockett & Tubbs out by the pool...

The actress's name is Arielle Dombasle.  This is how the episode, which originally aired on January 10, 1986, ends...


  1. Love "Cry" because it is a Trevor Horn production, and also for the Art Of Noise moment that is the song's last, sacred 20 seconds.

  2. Wow, I guess I did not mention that it is indeed a Trevor Horn production. But I mentioned the song was used to great effect in a Miami Vice episode right? And that hearing it instantly puts me in a 1985 frame of mind?

    That last "sacred" note...