Playlisticle: NOW DRIVETIME [2016 UK]

Our music-loving neighbors over in the United Kingdom have a mystifying infatuation with what is known as drivetime music*, with almost two dozen multi-disc releases (below) devoted to that broad sub-genre over the past decade, all specifically aimed at making your drive, your ride, your commute not only less tedious or monotonous but downright exciting. Or something like that.
The massive, world-dominating compilation cabal known as Now That's What I Call Music released their first drivetime comp back in 2014 - Now That's What I Call Drive, a triple disc set adorned with sixty tracks that Allmusic's J.C. Monger referred to as "gimmicky but ultimately adequate." And yet after more than 88 non-consecutive weeks on the Official Compilations chart, Now Drive sits at number 52 as I type this after debuting at number 3 and spending eight weeks in the Top 20 back in 2014. The wizards of NOW have a second go at a drivetime compilation on tap for September 16th titled Now That's What I Call Drivetime. I'd like to say its an all-new, redesigned from the ground up model with sixty-one songs but nine of the tracks appeared on Now Drive. Take it for a spin below.

*Confusingly, there is also a popular sub-genre of pop/rock across the pond called driving music that preceded drivetime.

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