Aside from Tom Ellis's delightfully wicked performance as the title character - think Elizabeth Hurley's performance in Bedazzled - there is not much to like about the series Lucifer as it plays it seriously as a crime procedural with little of the dark flair carried over from its comic book source material. But I DVR'd and watched every episode, adding the music heard in the show to a soundtrack playlist. (And I'll do it again this Fall for Season Two, providing the music from one of my favorite music supervisors - Alexandra Patsavas - holds up.) The mix is a swaggering blues rock vibe (garage blues?) from the likes of Black Keys and Cage The Elephant setting the tone in the first episode. Later episodes incorporate a dark synth wave that somehow fits as well. Lots of artists new to me as well as favorites like Bowie, INXS and the Stones. It all makes for great night driving music and I'll probably enjoy it as a soundtrack to the upcoming Halloween season AKA Hoodie Season. So to recap, Lucifer the show is a stinker and Lucifer the soundtrack is kick-ass! Enjoy the nearly four hour playlist of some of my favorite songs from the show below.

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