Summer In Stereo #9

HERC just checked his collection and he has 10 different songs titled "Magic", including this one that he has already featured on his Summer In Stereo.  Of those 10 songs, one is by Olivia Newton-John and was featured on the soundtrack to the film Xanadu.  HERC has "Magic" by Olivia Newton-John on seven different discs in his collection though he does not have the picture disc pictured above.  According to allmusic, the song is available on fourteen different discs including a few live albums.  It was THE song on the radio in the Summer of 1980, seemingly on whenever HERC tuned in to WLS.  According to an analysis of the station's surveys for that Summer, the song was the third biggest single from the end of May through the beginning of September.  That sleepy, dreamy intro, Olivia's breathlessly sexy vocals and that gentle 104 beats per minute throb all added up to a perfect Summer single for fourteen year old HERC.


  1. Ah, the summer of 80 and Xanadu! I had the album, I had a number of the singles - how else were you to get those non-album B-sides back in the day? Magic indeed!

  2. I heartily approve the use of the ONJ picture disc in this post. Yum.