Summer In Stereo #8

Bell Biv Devoe picked themselves up and dusted themselves off after the implosion of New Edition and hopped on the New Jack Swing as it came roarin' onto the scene.  HERC remembers listening to the Poison album quite a bit in 1990. Even the lame follow-up, remix cash-in album (WBBD- Bootcity! The Remix Album) got a lot of spins in the CD player.  While the title song still holds up fairly well, HERC failed miserably in his recent attempt to listen to the album from beginning to end, skipping almost every song barely 30 seconds in.  The staccato swagger of "Poison", brilliantly recreated by Turk in the Scrubs episode "My Half Acre", is still irresistible.  (Watching BBD perform the song live, not so much.)  Quite possibly the Summer Song of 1990 in a tie with Digital Underground's "The Humpty Dance".  

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