HERC's Favorite QUEEN

HERC's favorite Queen album - unofficial soundtrack to a good flick:

HERC's favorite Queen album - U.S. compilation:

HERC's favorite Queen song - 12":

HERC's favorite Queen album - before 1981:

HERC's favorite song from Queen's self-titled first album later re-recorded two years later and then lost for a few years before being found again:

HERC's favorite Queen album - after 1981:

HERC's favorite Queen album - not to listen to since it was posthumously released:

HERC's favorite Queen album - the one with the yellow cover and the cool graphic:

HERC's favorite Queen album - the under-rated one:

HERC's favorite Queen song - the first Queen single HERC SR ever bought that HERC would play on the sly and not get caught until he scratched it putting it back into the metal rack that housed his father's precious collection of 45s:

HERC's favorite Queen album - other Queen fans despise:

HERC's favorite Queen album - named after a genre of music without containing any of said genre's music but packed with a poster of naked birds on bikes:

HERC's favorite Queen album - UK compilation:

HERC's favorite Queen album - to officially end their studio album discography with instead of the one up there that he doesn't listen to and not because it's ghoulish but because it is really not that good:

HERC's favorite Queen album - to recommend to someone who has not yet had the glorious pleasure of listening to their catalog - thank him later:

What are your favorite Queen studio albums, compilations and songs?  Let HERC know in the comments below.


  1. Dirk's "Stone Cold Queen" (Top 20** All-Time Favorites • In Chronological Order)...

    • Keep Yourself Alive
    • Killer Queen
    • Stone Cold Crazy
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • You're My Best Friend
    • Somebody To Love
    • Tie Your Mother Down
    • We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions**
    • Spread Your Wings
    • Bicycle Race
    • Don't Stop Me Now
    • Play The Game
    • Another One Bites The Dust
    • Flash's Theme aka Flash
    • Under Pressure
    • Radio Ga-Ga
    • Hammer To Fall
    • It's A Hard Life
    • I Want It All
    • The Show Must Go On

    **Two undisputed anthems; one song (as far as I'm concerned).

    1. Unsurprisingly, our lists synch up fairly close. The original, second draft of this post featured HERC's 56 favorite Queen songs. Maybe that list will make an appearance at a later date.

      Like you, HERC considers the two tracks that open the News Of The World album one song. He also considers two non-adjacent tracks from Jazz, only one of which ("Bicycle Race") made your list, as one song and nine times out of ten that is how he has heard it on the radio. It was almost 32 years ago that he stumbled across a promo twelve inch of both tracks as one song. One side had "Bicycle Race" going first and the flip side had "Fat Bottomed Girls" going first. Had to part with it in 1987 before he could digitally archive it but he probably has it on a cassette somewhere. Surprised it hasn't turned up on a retial or promo CD release since then. For the life of him, HERC cannot recall which version he heard most often.

    2. This promo? Wouldn't mind having a copy of that my own damn self!

      Your point about "Fat Bottomed" & "Bicycle" being joined at the hip is something I completely understand. In this instance, however, I'll always think of the cut-out copy of "Jazz" I bought on vinyl from Camelot Music back in high school; and later dubbed to cassette for my buddy Rob. We'd tool around in his car all the time and hit repeat on "Bicycle Race" ad nausem... Had every nuance of that song memorized back in the day (the line "You say Coke I say caine, You say John I say Wayne" was a particular favorite). Rest assured that "Fat Bottomed Girls" would most certainly have made my "Next 20 Best Queen" list. (Wait, what's that? Evidently, we've just received word in the 'Action 20 News Center' that Dirk is ready to unveil his "Next 20 Best Queen" list. Let's go to Dirk now, who is live on the scene. Dirk?)

      Thanks, Chet. I'm standing outside the headquarters of Herc's Hideaway, where just milliseconds from now, I'll be revealing my next 20 favorite Queen songs (once again, in chronological order):

      • Liar
      • Seven Seas Of Rhye
      • Dear Friends
      • Love Of My Life
      • Sheer Heart Attack
      • Fight From The Inside
      • My Melancholy Blues
      • Fat Bottomed Girls
      • Fun It
      • Dragon Attack
      • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
      • Need Your Loving Tonight
      • Sail Away Sweet Sister
      • Back Chat
      • Cool Cat
      • Tear It Up
      • I Want To Break Free
      • One Vision
      • A Kind Of Magic
      • Friends Will Be Friends

      So there you have it, Chet. Authorites are telling us we have to leave the scene here, but we plan to bring you any updates in the event that they arise. :)

    3. Thanks for your additional 20 picks. No love at all for The Miracle, huh?

      Yup, that PROMO though mine had a red X on one side that I'm guessing the station had used to either mark the version to play on-air or mark the version not to play on-air. Picked it up for $4, got $25 for it towards medical bills.

      My first copy of Jazz was also a cut-out cassette with a drilled hole through the case that someone bought me for my 12th birthday in 1978. Never played it much (still might have it tucked away somewhere) as I ended up buying the vinyl (with sweet poster gatefold) with that good ol' birthday cash that I also received at party. Probably was the same kid who, the year before at my 11th birthday, gave me a cut-out vinyl copy of the Ronco Star Trackin' 76. album. Good music had cheaply.

  2. Not a huge fan of "The Miracle", no... Although I do own it, along with the rest of Queen's 'Hollywood Records' era reissues. And I might add, that it is represented by "I Want It All" in my Top 20. That song may be among my Top 10 favorites, in fact.

    Queen rocked; and rocked hard... Freddy was a magnificent, flamboyant, genius... Case closed. End of story!

  3. My favorite Queen album has always been the 1981 greatest hits compilation. Not a weak track to be found. Bought the cassette, literally wore it out and was later given a vinyl copy which I still cherish. I've burned my own CD clone of that release with one exception: I've tacked "One Vision" on the end.