Rhino's Jazz Compilation Week: CRIME JAZZ [1997]

Man, I love the cover of The Crime Scene as pictured above! If there's a more adorable handgun than the one dressed in a tiny hat and trench coat, I've yet to see it! And dig that crazy tagline: Spies, Thighs & Private Eyes! And listening to the disc, the seventh in the Ultra-Lounge series is even more fun than just looking at the cover. After Capitol released The Crime Scene in July 1996, Rhino, with BMG as its partner, fired back with a double shot of Crime Jazz of its own in November 1997.
For some reason, kitschy cocktail lounge and space age pop music was a huge trend in 1995-1997 with DCC's Music For A Bachelor's Den series, the Ultra-Lounge series from Capitol/EMI, and Rhino's own Cocktail Mix series all being released. The Crime Jazz series, like The Crime Scene disc, focuses entirely on the sub-genre of jazz themes as heard on movie and television soundtracks from the Fifties and Sixties or jazzy covers of those themes. Again, not for everyone but for someone taking it all in as it were, I enjoyed these discs at least once through. Some songs became my theme songs for the day whether I was pushing a cart down the aisle at the grocery store or walking the shadeless half block to our neighborhood mailbox unit in record 115° heat.

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