Rhino's Jazz Compilation Week: BILLBOARD TOP CONTEMPORARY JAZZ [1999]

Joel Whitburn's branded partnership with Rhino began in 1988 and has resulted in more than one hundred albums beginning with the title (or some variation of) "Joel Whitburn Presents: Billboard..." including Top Rock 'N' Roll Hits, Top Pop Hits, Top Dance Hits, Top/Hot R&B Hits, Top Country Hits, Top Soft Rock Hits, Greatest Christmas Hits, Top Album Rock Tracks, Top Pop Memories, Top Movie Hits, Hot Soul Hits, Top Modern Rock Tracks and, in 1999, Top Contemporary Jazz. Unlike previous titles in the series which are given a year or, in the case of Top Pop Memories or Greatest Christmas Hits, an entire decade or range of years, the four titles in the Top Contemporary Jazz series are pop, rock, urban, and vocals with each disc featuring ten songs from the Sixties up through the Nineties.


My good friend Dr. Smooth has been posting his own Billboard Jazz chart based mixes on Mixcloud for a couple of years now while offering detailed liner notes on his Jazz LPs site. I highly recommend you the good doctor on both outlets for maximum smoothness.

Another friend of ours, Mr. Brandon Hixson, whose YouTube username actually IS BillboardTopHits1980, was so inspired by Whitburn's Billboard-themed discs, he created more than a hundred of his own "Presented by Brandon Hixson" playlists in tribute and shared them on YouTube.

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