🎧Have You Heard? TIME LIFE LOVES THE 80s [2019]🎧

The first CD I ever bought was a triple-disc doozy.
Remember when CD's came on the scene in the  mid-80s and you bought a couple dozen of them before you even had a player to play to them on so you would make weekly pilgrimages to your friend Stephen's house to listen to them on his newly-acquired Fisher Studio Standard AD-822 CD player, even going so far as dubbing them to cassette so you could listen in your car? 
Remember how you spent a ridiculous amount of money buying digital discs of analog albums you already had sitting on your shelf, especially once Columbia House started offering CDs at Clearance prices at the back of their monthly catalogs or in stand-alone mailers? 
Remember asking your wife if you could send the card you got in the mail from Time Life back in, accepting the introductory offer (free disc? 50% off?) for their Sounds Of The Eighties collection, committing to spending what turned out to be $25 every other month?
Remember how you were a charter subscriber to Time Life's previous collections of 50s/60s rock (The Rock N Roll Era and Classic Rock) as well as 60s/70s pop/rock (Sounds Of The Seventies and Super Hits) with dozens of those discs coming in the mail at $25 a pop (nearly $40 in 2019 dollars!), rapidly filling your disc storage, necessitating a new shelving system and an entire (small) room to hold your expanding collection? 
Remember after adding even more Time Life collections of Country, Oldies and Soul throughout the Nineties, you went back for the Modern Rock series in 1999, complementing Rhino's Just Can't Get Enough series from 1994-1995?
Remember how Time Life kept relicensing, repackaging and reissuing Sounds Of The Eighties throughout the 2000s and 2010s and you kept rebuying them, first as Superstars Of The 80s in 2005 then 80s Music Explosion in 2008 and now Time Life Loves The 80s in 2019?

I remember all of that.

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