Mixtape Monday: EE

Had such a blast listening to DD the other night, I immediately reached for the next tape, hoping for more of the same. Today's tape is EE, the 31st tape in the legendary (around these parts, anyway) Somewhat Alphabetical series of mixtapes I made for the brown-eyed girl who eventually became my wife. In case you've missed any of the previous tapes in the series, go HERE to catch up.
TDK SA90? Always.
Blank jcard? Pretty much.
That way she had to listen to the tape, right? As we worked together at the time, I would dub a tape before my shift and bring it in if she was working, too. Or, if she was off, just in case she stopped by to visit. More often than not, I remember getting tapes to her ASAP, rarely holding onto them for more than 48 hours after dubbing them that way she had to think about me and all the songs would be associated with me. After nearly thirty-five years together, she'll tell you it kinda worked. Didn't happen overnight, though. She made me work. We still got many tapes to go. 
Like the previous tape, EE gets off to a strong start featuring two of my all-time favorite songs. Then there are a couple more songs which I must have liked at the time but have since lost some of that enthusiasm. Then five more of my all-time favorites and some of those TV themes "bonus tracks" from the Television's Greatest Hits album I used to fill up the tape. The A-side of EE clocks in at 44:18 with nine songs and three TV themes.
EE's B-side picks up where the A-side left off with another powerful Anti-Apartheid song and features ten tracks, including a two-fer from AC/DC just as it appears on the album with one song segueing directly into the next, clocking in at a smidge over forty-seven minutes. The tape is obviously the same length on both sides so there is some silence on the A-side even with the three "bonus tracks".
A Trio deep cut? Are you kidding me? This just might be a better compilation of random tunes than DD.

SIDE A44:18
1982Show MeABC04:03
1983Cat People (Putting Out Fire)David Bowie05:10
1982Bad To The BoneGeorge Thorogood04:52
1985R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.John Mellencamp02:54
1975Trampled Under FootLed Zeppelin05:36
1984My Ever Changing MoodsThe Style Council03:37
1979Train In VainThe Clash03:15
1984Rock HardBeastie Boys04:55
1985Sun CityArtists United Against Apartheid07:15
Twilight Zone Theme00:52
Bonanza Theme00:36
Theme from F-Troop01:13
SIDE B47:02
1980BikoPeter Gabriel07:33
1985KyrieMr. Mister04:26
1974Rikki Don't Lose That NumberSteely Dan04:33
1980Emotional RescueRolling Stones05:39
1983Boom BoomTrio03:25
1982Hammer In My HeartUtopia04:14
1979Ride Like The WindChristopher Cross04:36
1976Big BallsAC/DC02:39
1985MedleyCreedence Clearwater Revival07:06

Listen to a recreation of this mixtape

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