Demon/Harmless's BACKBEATS Series: Paaaarty Time

For those of you still playing along at home, this is number 34 in the Backbeats collectibles series.  Subtitled Serious Funk From The The 70s, this is Paaaarty Time. How serious is the funk?  It's Jimmy Castor, Sly & the Family Stone and MFSB serious. 'Nuff said. You sharp-eyed collectors will note that I used the original album cover art listing Larry Young's Fuel, one of curator Neal Rudland's original picks for this 2013 compilation. As far as I can tell, new cover art appeared shortly thereafter with the only change being Sly & the Family Stone in place of Larry Young's Fuel and instead of twenty tracks, Paaaarty Time now had nineteen. Interesting, too, that Amazon still has a twenty track listing for the album omitting album closer, Little Royal's "Soul Train" and inserting "98 Cents +Tax" by Detroit City Limits and "But It Ain't No More" by former Ikette Vera Hamilton as tracks fifteen and sixteen. Those two heavy funkers would have been welcome additions. But still no Larry Young's Fuel.
Lucky for us, only five of the seriously funktastic tracks are in license limbo on Spotify which means we get fourteen blasts of funkenite from the Seventies (and a couple from the late Sixties.) After listening to this CD a couple times in a row, I pulled up Funky Good Time: The Anthology of The J.B.'s and lost track of the next two and a half hours. With a heavy dose (almost five hours) of funk today, I'm probably good til next week wouldn't you say?

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