Disco Friday: EUROPEAN CONNECTION [2010]

All aboard!  The Disco Friday Party Train keeps on choogling down the groove line rain shine don't mind with the sixth volume in the Disco Discharge series, European Connection. The double wide with twenty-one tracks is both a continuation and deeper exploration of the sub-genre first introduced on Euro Disco, the third volume in the series. European Connection goes a step further, with each of the two discs devoted to a subset of the sound - disc one is ten tracks of straight up Seventies Euro Disco while disc two is eleven tracks of catchy Eighties Italo Disco.  Going into this album, your boy HERC was familiar with just three of the songs but found some new-to-me grooves to love, while also picking up some dance moves from this video:

Half of songs on the Euro Disco disc made the Top 5 on Billboard's Disco chart yet I was only familiar with two of them.  The Gibson Brothers track really stood out for me and I was surprised it barely made the Top 50 on the Disco chart - its a positive song, driven by an irresistible groove.  The average song on the first disc of European Connection was released in 1978 and clocks in around 7:42.  The second disc of the set, Italo Disco, features catchy tunes like the New Wave-ish "Special Agent Man", the drum machine attack of "I Love My Radio" and the "I Feel Love" like rhythm of "Droids", all disco survivors who made it to the Eighties with their danceability intact while using state of the art electronic music production.  The average song runs a little more than a minute shorter than the songs on disco one at 6:34 while the average release date is pushed up to 1986!  If I had to make a choice, I prefer the music on disc two, the collection of Italo Disco over the Euro Disco heard on disc one.
Only eleven of European Connection's twenty-one songs are currently on Spotify and appear in the playlist above.  They break down like this: six of the the first disc's ten songs are MIA and four of the second disc's eleven songs can be found elsewhere.

yeartitleartistBillboard Disco Chart
1977Carry On, Turn Me OnSpace7:145
1977From East To WestVoyage7:041
1979Love SpellCaress8:20-
1979Ooh! What A LifeThe Gibson Brothers5:3948
1978Midnight MadnessDon Ray5:444
1979If You Weren't AfraidGiorgio Moroder5:424
1979Instant DubSylvia Love4:29-
1979Don't EverLes Models6:17-
1978SandstormLa Bionda10:17-
1979The Hills Of KatmanduTantra16:222
1983Special Agent ManGaz Nevadaa7:20-
1987You And MeFunny Twins5:45-
1986I Can Hear Your VoiceHot Cold5:33-
1985I Love My RadioTaffy7:076
1985AmericanoVivien Vee5:43-
1982RememberGino Soccio6:33-
1985Walking In The NeonPeter Richard8:59-
1991In SpritiDilemma6:18-
1985Only Music SurvivesAlba7:28-
1989Amour SuaveIsama & Compania5:45-

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  1. That Gibson Brothers tune is very good. As for the move, what else would you do in a purple satin jumpsuit but jump around? ;)