ICE #43 - October 1990

One last treat before the gales of November blow in and the temps here in the desert drop into the Sixties and Hoodie Season officially begins at the Hideaway.  Hope everybody has a fun and safe whatever it is you're doing tonight, whether it be belatedly celebrating a birthday, attending a concert by a living legend or going door to door begging for candy while disguised as someone else.


  1. That Led Zeppelin box set was one of the first things we got when we got a CD player. Of course, I have mad love for the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. And, finally, what self-respecting pop fan of the 70's does not have those Rhino disks from the Have a Nice Day series?

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout-out there, ol' buddy, ol' pal!! I'll leave it up to your home-viewers to figure out just what in the 'Sam Hill' I'm talkin' about...