PLAYLISTICLE: The Top 50 Country AND Top 50 Disco Songs Of All Time

Before you go getting all riled up and start peppering the comments with your enlightened views, know that we'll be featuring two entirely different lists today: one for country and one for disco.  The twang and the glitter shall not meet though the closest thing to Country Disco might be this:
When I make music lists, I try to be as fair and inclusive as I possibly can, more often than not limiting each artist to one spot on a list so that others may have a chance.  That is one of the things I really like about Taste Of Country's Top 100 Country Songs of All Time list which was posted in 2012 - they limited each artist to one song which probably avoided a Hank Williams cluster in the upper reaches.  It looks like the list's sole author Billy Dukes is a lifelong country music fan and appreciates the genre's long history - it doesn't hurt that several of my favorites made his list as well.  What I don't like about the list is that it is presented click-bait style, so that you have to click through each song on the list - there is no option to view all songs at once though there are 20 song increment jump buttons available if you just want to check out the top half of his list like I did.  Made the Spotify playlist down below which is missing just two songs out of the Top 50: number 17  "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and number 4 "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, both of which I understand you can only listen to if you buy the respective CDs.  Taylor seems to be okay with you buying used but Garth only wants you to buy new. From Wal-Mart.  And pay cash.  But before we get to that playlist, let's watch a few of my favorite songs from the list on the YouTube.





In my research, I also stumbled across Rolling Stone's own list of the 100 Greatest Country Songs Of All Time cause you know the magazine's website maintains a prominent country section now they call RS Country.  The list was posted in 2014 but is authored by committee, with each person writing up one or more of their favorites, which is fine by me.  But like Taste Of Country's list, the list is presented gallery style which is the same as click bait style, one song at a time.  And as predicted earlier, because the writers chose not to implement the one song one artist rule, there are five of Hank Williams classic songs in the Top 50 and seven other artists each have a pair of songs in the Top 50 so right from the gitgo, eight artists control 38% of the list.  Not good from my perspective.  One point in the Rolling Stone list's favor is that it only has a handful of songs in common with the list above.  Only one song is MIA from Spotify, number 24 "Mean" by Taylor Swift - remember when she was considered country?  More video performances of my favorites?  Yes, please!





Dave Whitaker over at Dave's Music Database did his research for The Top 50 Disco Songs of All Time using 40 lists and compilation albums yielding his definitive list of The Top 50 (Most Popular and Licenseable) Disco Songs of All Time. In the charts below, all ordered by Dave's Rankings, I've included peak chart positions from three Billboard charts as well as the songs respective ranking on Billboard's own Top 100 Disco Songs Of All Time list which doesn't appear to be one of the lists our man Dave used.  

Billboard Top 100 Disco (2013)Dave's Music (2015)titleartistyearDiscoHot 100R&B
4150Macho ManVillage People1978425-
7749Rock The BoatThe Hues Corporation1974-12
-48Best Of My LoveThe Emotions19771111
6747Rock Your BabyGeorge McCrae1974-11
7146More, More, MoreThe Andrea True Connection19762423
7345Let's GrooveEarth, Wind & Fire1981331
-44Upside DownDiana Ross1980111
3843Bad GirlsDonna Summer1979111
6142Heart Of GlassBlondie1978581-
-41Lady MarmaladeLaBelle1974711

Listen to DJ Disco Cat's Disco Purrfection remixes of some of the songs listed above:
Billboard Top 100 Disco (2013)Dave's Music (2015)titleartistyearDiscoHot 100R&B
-40If I Can't Have YouYvonne Elliman1977-1-
-39Shake Your Groove ThingPeaches & Herb1978254
9038Brick HouseCommodores19773454
4037Ladies NightKool & the Gang1979581
1936Knock On WoodAmii Stewart1979516
835Born To Be AlivePatrick Hernandez1979116-
-34Got To Be RealCheryl Lynn197811121
3033Love HangoverDiana Ross1976111
-32Boogie NightsHeatwave19773625
7231It's Raining MenThe Weather Girls198214634

Listen to DJ Disco Cat's Disco Purrfection remixes:
DJ Freddy G also offers his Digital Visions Re-Edits:
Billboard Top 100 Disco (2013)Dave's Music (2015)titleartistyearDiscoHot 100R&B
-30Boogie WonderlandEarth, Wind & Fire with The Emotions19791462
-29Ring My BellAnita Ward1979111
1428ShameEvelyn "Champagne" King1978897
8427SeptemberEarth, WInd & Fire1978-81
5226I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)Alicia Bridges19782531
2825CelebrationKool & the Gang1980111
-24Play That Funky MusicWild Cherry19761211
5323We Are FamilySister Sledge1979121
3922The HustleVan McCoy1975311
-21Dancing QueenABBA1976-1-

DJ Disco Cat's Disco Purrfection remix:
DJ Freddy G's Digital Visions Re-Edits:
Billboard Top 100 Disco (2013)Dave's Music (2015)titleartistyearDiscoHot 100R&B
2920Don't Stop Til You Get EnoughMichael Jackson1979211
4219Turn The Beat AroundVicki Sue Robinson1976110-
2018Night FeverBee Gees1977318
9617Ain't No Stoppin' Us NowMcFadden & Whitehead197910131
3516Boogie Oogie OogieA Taste Of Honey1978111
3615Get Down TonightKC & the Sunshine Band19751111
6814Good TimesChic1979311
-13You Should Be DancingBee Gees1976114
1812That's The Way I Like ItKC & the Sunshine Band19751811
711Y.M.C.A.Village People19782232

Listen to DJ Disco Cat's Disco Purrfection remix:
DJ Freddy G's Digital Visions Re-Edits:

Billboard Top 100 Disco (2013)Dave's Music (2015)titleartistyearDiscoHot 100R&B
3110Hot StuffDonna Summer1979113
219Last DanceDonna Summer1978135
938Car WashRose Royce1976311
227Don't Leave Me This WayThelma Houston1976111
126I Feel LoveDonna Summer1977359
55FunkytownLipps Inc1980112
34Stayin' AliveBee Gees1977314
13I Will SurviveGloria Gaynor1978114
62Disco InfernoThe Trammps19771119
21Le FreakChic1978111

Listen to DJ Disco Cat's Disco Purrfection remix:
DJ Freddy G's Digital Visions Re-Edits:

Forty-nine out of Dave's Top 50 are in playlist above - only song missing is original mix of Amii Stewart's "Knock On Wood".  Whenever there was a single or radio version or edit of a song, I used it in the playlist above which clocks in just over three hours, top to bottom, #50 to #1.  For the playlist below however, I used full length album versions or twelve inch single remixes so it runs just under five hours, beginning to end.

Check Dave's original list and sources HERE.


  1. Two genres that have been in my life a lot lately. Interesting for them to come together, sort of, for a single post.

    1. Every life needs a little country and a little disco, don't ya think?

  2. Why you gotta be so mean to the lovely and talented Miss Swift? "Love Story" is streaming here: "Love Story"

    The Top 10 of that disco list is epic and I am listening to it right now. Here's hoping Nile Rodgers and the gang finally get inducted in to the Rock Hall this year (I'm not a huge fan of the Rock Hall, but still...)

    1. Was I being mean? I apologize.

      This could be the year for Chic! At least its not like the Baseball HoF where you are only allowed to appear on so many ballots before being banished.

  3. I'm wearing a T-shirt right now that says Disco, a slight edit of the Discogs logo. I just wanted to say that before I read the article.

    Now I'll go back to the top.

  4. "Dirk's Top 10 Disco Anthems" from your/Dave's list above are (in order, and as follows):

    10) Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
    09) More, More, More - Andrea True Connection
    08) We Are Family - Sister Sledge
    07) Heart Of Glass - Blondie
    06) Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

    05) Night Fever - Bee Gees
    04) Disco Inferno - The Trammps
    03) Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now - McFadden & Whitehead
    02) Good Times - Chic
    01) Last Dance - Donna Summer