So Fresh: The Hits Of Summer 2015 [AUS] and So Fresh: Songs For Christmas 2014 [AUS] [2014]

G'day, mates. HERC's got a couple of discs from the land down under for us today: So Fresh: The Hits Of Summer 2015 and So Fresh: Songs For Christmas 2014. To recap, Australia is below the equator so they are opposite of those of us above the equator seasonally i.e. their winter is our summer and our winter is their summer. Christmas in Australia is still celebrated in December which is Summer there.  Which makes both of these albums current releases, peppered with uniquely Australian artists. And by uniquely, HERC means that they haven't caught on yet in the UK or US.
Available as either a single disc or double album with a Best Of 2014 disc, So Fresh: The Hits Of Summer 2015 and each configuration sports a similar yet different tracklist.  HERC is featuring the double disc tracklisting with The Hits Of Summer in one playlist and the Best of 2014 in its own playlist.  But first a few videos of songs not yet available on Spotify from the first disc:

And here's the only one from The Best Of 2014 not yet on Spotify:

If this is your first time hearing a So Fresh Christmas compilation, just know that it is a unique experience.  The majority of multi-disc Christmas collections tend to group older, traditional songs on one disc and songs by newer more contemporary artists on another disc giving the listener a choice.  Not So Fresh, oh no.  This one kicks off with a perennial Andy Williams track followed immediately by an Ariana Grande holiday entry from just last year which makes for an eclectic and sometimes slightly jarring listen.  HERC digs it but your mileage may vary.

Over in the UK, a new celebratory triple disc album is coming out on December 1st.  With the first two discs filled with upbeat UK radio jams from the last decade and the third disc crammed with party people picks from the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties.  Chances are you have most of these songs in your collection already just not in one convenient place.

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