Summer In Stereo #60

Debuting on the Hot 100 on April Fool's Day 1989,  Neneh Cherry's "Buffalo Stance" had peaked at #2 in the UK three months earlier which saw a then eight months pregnant Cherry performing on Top Of The Pops.  HERC remembers first hearing the song on the Friday Night mix show he listened to at work.  The song would peak at #3 on the Hot 100 at the end of June.  HERC got his hands on the album Raw Like Sushi as soon as he could and made "Buffalo Stance" a staple of his Summer Of 1989 mixtapes.

Much to HERC's surprise and delight, Neneh later appeared on one of his favorite albums of 2006: Soft Machine by Teddybears. Backed by the Schultz sisters and a surprisingly upbeat droning instrumental track, Neneh gets all melancholy and submissive in another of HERC's Favorite Songs Of Summer, "Yours To Keep":
We can drive around with the top downStereo turned up loud with a fat sound'Cause I'm yours to keep if you want to
As with much of the Soft Machine album, the song is re-recording of an earlier Teddybears track.

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