Summer In Stereo #61

HERC can guarantee that "Good Vibrations" is the most acclaimed song he'll feature during the 100 Days Of Summer In Stereo.  There are more obviously summer-ish Beach Boys tracks but for HERC, "Good Vibrations" remains his go-to Beach Boys song, just ahead of "God Only Knows".  Sure, it topped the charts in December 1966.  So what?  HERC presents the 2010 Stereo remix below instead of the more favored Mono version.

HERC's second favorite Beach Boys Summer Song is the end of Summer valentine "All Summer Long".  Known as the anachronistic song played during the end credits of American Graffiti, "All Summer Long" is basically a review of all the summer's activities.  Once again, HERC violates the first rule of Beach Boys fandom by featuring the Stereo version of the song.

HERC is not the biggest Beach Boys fan here at The Hideaway.  That title belongs to his beach baby, MRS. HERC.  When HERC started dating her in 1985, the Beach Boys did HERC a solid by releasing "Getcha Back", a very convincing revival of their Sixties sound.  (Of course they would ruin any chance of having their new music taken seriously with "Kokomo" just three years later.)

Let HERC know what your favorite Beach Boys Summer Songs are in the Comments below.  The first person to say "all of them" will win a complimentary imaginary box lunch of a knuckle sandwich and a Hawaiian Punch.

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  1. 9 - Barbara Ann
    8 - All Summer Long
    7 - I Get Around
    6 - California Girls
    5 - Good Vibrations
    4 - In My Room
    3 - Don't Worry Baby
    2 - Wouldn't It Be Nice
    1 - God Only Knows