Summer In Stereo #59

The horn stabs kicks things off.  Then the scratchin' starts. At :30, the chanting vocals join the party and finally at :45 the bass kicks in.  Four simple ingredients, one tasty tune. "Going Back To Cali" first appeared on the Less Than Zero soundtrack album in 1987, from which it was released as a single before showing up on LL Cool J's third album, Walking With A Panther in 1989.  This one's another boulevard blaster.  After owning Less Than Zero on CD for less than 24 hours, your boy HERC was back down at Federated, buying bigger, better, bassier headphones because his trusted Sony cans, the ones he had used all through high school, could not handle the bass on this track.  His new headphones were also by Sony and lasted HERC another dozen or so years before they got a short in both channels.

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