Summer In Stereo #44

HERC doesn't remember the time or location but one time he was somewhere and this song came on and it was incredible, everyone just started grooving though he cannot say with certainty we were all reggae dancin'.  Some sort of street fair or park fiesta?  Maybe he's just recalling the song's music video. The way he remembers it, it was almost like a choreographed flash mob though those didn't exist in the mid to late Eighties when he thinks he saw what he remembers seeing.  According to the charts, this was released in Autumn and peaked in the Winter.  HERC contends that if it had been released in the Spring or Summer, it would have been Top 10 for sure instead of #30 on the Pop charts.  You got nearly seven minutes to shuffle around your little area?  Here ya go!

You may recall that Kool & the Gang have appeared in HERC's Summer Single Parade back at #76, and here they are again.  And again.  Whenever HERC hears "Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh La La La)", he's gotta hear "Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)".

Kool & the Gang songs could soundtrack a whole slew of HERC's Summer Memories (the Ladies Night cassette was playing in Sally's player on that hot summer night when she let HERC get to second base for his very first time) but here's the third in today's mini-mix: "Get Down On It", presented here in an extended 12" mix.

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