Summer In Stereo #43

One of the most ubiquitous Summer songs HERC can recall is TLC's "Waterfalls", which dominated the Summer of 1995 like no other.  The song is a brilliant recasting of Paul McCartney's 1980 song of the same name with a solid dose of Prince's "Sign O' The Times" from 1987.  "Waterfalls" is catchy and hooky as all get out while maintaining a distinctly chilled-out groove.

Another chilled-out HERC classic from that Summer is the warm and woodsy voice of Natalie Merchant as she tours a "Carnival".   Since her stint as the voice of 10,000 Maniacs, Merchant has been giving HERC's ears glorious fits of enjoyment and with her Tigerlilly album, she damn near gave your boy HERC too much of a good thing but he's since adjusted his dosage so all is well.

One last Summer jam from 1995, one that's starts out on the chilled tip and then builds ever so slowly into a shouting, raging rocker.  Live's "Lightning Crashes" is dynamic and dramatic with one of rock's overly descriptive birthing lyrics. The song was a monster on the Rock charts yet HERC is still surprised how many people claim to never have heard it.

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  1. *raises hand* I remember "Lightning Crashes"