Summer In Stereo #45

Simple Minds third single from their fifth album was "Someone Somewhere In Summertime" which was released for whatever reason near the end of Autumn, in November 1982.  The song really didn't see much action on the charts but a brave and knowing DJ played it on his Sunday new music show in 1982 and HERC heard it, loved it, bought it and cherishes it to this day.  It's no secret that HERC and the future MRS. HERC first got together in the Summer of 1984 but what is not as widely known is how much this song played (and continues to play) a part in their never ending courtship.

Here in the land of The Hideaway, it is what is known as monsoon season, that sacred time when great storms roll in and drench the desert.  As you knew he would, HERC marks the occasion with his monsoon mix (which is different from his rain mix but that is another story for another day) that he listens to out on the back porch, while the rain falls all around him.  In addition to the song above, HERC favors the Eurythmics song "Here Comes The Rain Again" for the more gentle rains.

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