Summer In Stereo #34

As HERC was finishing up fourth grade in the Spring of 1976, there was an accident on the playground.  While lining up to go back into class at the end of recess, HERC was pushed from behind and fell.  He caught himself with his right arm but then two girls, who had also been pushed, fell on top of him and the wrist gave way.  This was all around the time of his tenth birthday and for the first time ever, both sets of his grandparents had given him cash, $20 each, for his birthday so he had $40 burning a hole in his pocket.  The cast stayed on for six weeks, during which time HERC learned to write and eat with his left hand.  The weekend after he got his cast off (which was like two weeks after school got out so around the second week in June), HERC's family went to Marketplace Mall (or was it just Market Place?) and HERC began his spending spree with over $50 in his pocket after saving his allowance and birthday bucks.  One of the cool things a lot of stores did back then was organize the 45s by chart position so there would be anywhere from 10 to 40 slots on display, each with a number on it with the singles located in the appropriate bin.  What chart the stores followed was unknown except for Bergner's Department store.  They posted the chart they used right above the singles and they used the weekly WLS Survey.  HERC bought nine 45s that day, also spending some of his money on a few Marvel comics and some candy.  The first single he bought that day was the #7 song, "Rock And Roll Love Letter" by the Bay City Rollers and every time HERC hears it, his mind wanders back to the Summer of 1976.

Below are the other 45s HERC remembers buying on that Summer Day in 1976:









no cover art?

"Why didn't you buy the #1 song?" is an obvious question so we asked HERC and this is what he said: "Already had it. There are at least eight other singles on that week's WLS chart I already owned as well."

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