Summer Chart Flashback: Summer Albums 1977

This is the fourth installment of HERC's Summer Albums. He is counting down the Top 10 albums of each Summer from his favorite decade of music: 1974-1983.  For the purposes of defining the Summer of 1977, HERC took each Top 10 album chart from the week of May 28th through September 3rd, for a total of fifteen weeks.  Only 25 different albums managed to make the Top 10 over that Summer and only two of them reached Number One.  One of those albums was Barry Manliow Live which held the top spot for exactly one week smack dab in the middle of the other Number One album's incredible fourteen week domination of the Album chart that Summer.  Said album had been #1 for two weeks in early April and another week just the week before these rankings began and would hold onto the Number One spot for an additional twelve weeks after these rankings end. Then it would rise once more to #1 for the first two album charts of January 1978 before beginning its long slow slide down the charts, finally exiting the charts after a nearly three year run.  For 31 of its first 46 weeks on the chart, the album was Number One.  Four Top 10 singles were spun off the album including a Number One.  Figured it out yet? 

(NOTE: There are eleven albums listed as two of them tied at #9 and HERC wanted to give props to The Beatles once again.)


#9 - tie

#9 - tie









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