Summer in Stereo #89

One of the greatest hat-tricks in rock singles history was Dion's lost, legendary triplet of 1961-1962 singles that followed his leaving behind The Belmonts for a solo career:
See that? Consecutive* 1-2-3 hits.  While those first two are fine and dan-de-de-de-dan-de-de-dy (or whatever the heck Dion sings), HERC has always been partial to "Lovers Who Wander", a Summer smash before HERC's time.  Some will tell ya all three songs are exactly the same, all written by Dion and Ernie Maresca, all variations on a theme.  They don't hear the nuances you and HERC hear.  You hear them nuances?

*The second single, as initially pushed and promoted by the record label, was actually "The Majestic" with "The Wanderer" relegated to the b-side. Radio jocks unanimously preferred the b-side so that's what they played and all the sock-hoppers and teeny-boppers heard and then ran to buy.

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