Summer In Stereo #90

How's your Summer looking thus far?  Here at The Hideaway, we just celebrated our ninth 100 degree or more day of the year with a super-scorchin' (and record-breakin') 110. Fortunately, HERC has at least three road trips on his agenda in the next two months, all to cooler climes.  If you're like HERC, Summers are chock full of road trips and one of the single most played songs to soundtrack the overwhelming majority of those road trips is The Faces and their rollicking "Stay With Me".  The song kicks off with thirty full seconds of hi-octane, high velocity Stones-ish riffage before settling into a slinky, fuzzed-out mid-tempo groove the Black Keys would sock a guy in the eye for. (Can you imagine Carney bashing this one out?)  Sure, the lyrics are misogynistic and disrespectful to women (as all blues are but that's no excuse) yet even if it were an instrumental, "Stay With Me" would be a flirty and filthy kiss-off.  Despite listening to this song hundreds upon hundreds of times before, it sounded brand frickin' new when HERC blasted it in The Blueberry on just the second day it was in his driveway.  This is a certified, road-tested, windows cranked down, sunroof ripped open (or top ripped off), scream-along blaster making you drive faster classic road trip jam.  Amen.

What are your favorite Summer Road Trip songs?  
Let HERC know what they are in the comments.

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