Summer In Stereo #91

HERC was not born in the boondocks but he was raised there.  Or rather he spent all of his Summers growing up in a small town in Texas and, every other Summer, a small town in Missouri, near the borders of Oklahoma and Arkansas.  His parents and many of his Aunts, Uncles and cousins still reside in the boondocks.  This song is not an autobiographical song for HERC but it could very well have been.

The song below is a story that could only happen in the boondocks.  As one unromantic city-dweller commented upon hearing it: "Why didn't she just use her dang GPS?"

Just a reminder that these are HERC's Songs of Summer and they are in random order - not a countdown or ranking. Your Songs Of Summer may vary.  Let HERC know what they are in the Comments.

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