Greatest "Greatest" Hits: Three Dog Night's Complete Hit Singles (2004)

Jeremiah was a bullfrog!  
Was a good friend of mine!

So began the very first Three Dog Night song HERC remembers hearing.  It was the first song on a blue colored 8-track HERC SR. owned and played often called Joy To The World/Their Greatest Hits.  

That tape was beginning to end bonkers with great tunes, all familiar from hearing them on the radio countless times. HERC has been a fan of Three Dog Night as long as he's been buying music and he has purchased no less than four Three Dog Night compilations on his own.  The last of those albums is his favorite and has probably logged more spins in the CD player and now digital library than all of the others combined.  Three Dog Night - The Complete Hit Singles is one of the Greatest "Greatest" Hits albums and HERC listened to it in its entirety twice today while enjoying the pool and 104 degree temp here at The Hideaway.

Featuring all twenty-one of their Top 40 singles from 1969-1975 including eighteen Top 20s, eleven Top 10s and three #1s, this album is a fully self-contained hit machine.  Even if you missed them during their heyday on the radio, you've no doubt heard the songs in movies, TV shows and commercials.  For those of you unfamiliar with Three Dog Night, here are the secrets of their success:
  1. three talented lead singers, each with a distinctive style and voice;
  2. a killer band backing them every step of the way, both in the studio and on the road;
  3. and an uncanny knack for picking the best songs from some of the greatest songwriters ever.

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