Today's find on ol' Mount St. Mixtape is one of maybe a dozen mixtapes simply titled DJ service remixes.  Each was a custom collection of remixes or, in this case, megamixes from remix services such as Disco Mix Club [DMC], Music Factory Mastermix, Disconet and Hot Tracks.  All songs were specifically requested by HERC from John K. Hembd, publisher of Remix Service International or RSI.  RSI was basically an ambitious discography of DJ subscription remix services John published and sold for $10 back in 1990.  Not sure if it was an issue of Goldmine or an issue of Dance Music Report that HERC first saw John's ad for RSI but for a couple of years, HERC was a big supporter of RSI in addition to getting these custom made tapes at $20 a pop. Those Sony Metal-SR tapes were among HERC's favorites as they were just so sleek.

Today, much of this same information John published about remix services is available here and here.  John was very meticulous about filling out each tape's j-card (including the track times and the tape's recording date) but HERC found the tiny scrawl hard to read, so he typed up the info.  It's perfectly legible on the cassette label pictured above but John used one line per track on the j-card which led to some microscopic writing.

Unfortunately, many of these tracks remain extremely hard to find though HERC tracked three of them down on YouTube and has provided links below:

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