issue 445

Issue 445, dated April 11, 1985, featured David Lee Roth on the cover and just 3 albums reviewed near the back of the issue, all of which HERC owned at one point though only The Firm remains on his Vinyl Wall.  Also in this issue: a report on Prince's much anticipated follow-up to Purple Rain, which he unveiled at a listening party on February 21st; a profile of HERC favorite Los Lobos and a brief piece warning that Heavy Metal was on the outs at MTV.

In addition to cover art, each album below has the title (with Spotify link when available), album artist, label, release date, the critic's name and the original 1985 rating (number of stars) as well as the ratings from Rolling Stone Album Guide (1992) and The New Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004). HERC Included those last two ratings because sometimes history doesn't repeat itself - it rewrites or revises itself.

Follow HERC's record buying adventures in 1985:
1985: A Vinyl Odyssey

Eric Clapton
Warner Bros.
March 11, 1985
Deborah Frost

1985 rating: 3
1992 rating: 
2004 rating: 

The Firm
February 11, 1985
Deborah Frost

1985 rating: 2
1992 rating: 2½
2004 rating: -

Jason & the Scorchers
Parke Puterbaugh

1985 rating: 
1992 rating: -
2004 rating: -

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