Elizabeth Chan's NAUGHTY & NICE [2012] and EVERYDAY HOLIDAYS [2013]

"Fa la la la"

You ever wake up and have one of the greatest days ever? HERC did.  At some point, Liz Chan's latest single "Fa La La" came on Spotify Shuffle and it sounded glorious.  The single is from her 2013 EP, Everyday Holidays, funded by Kickstarter and is currently rising up Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart; after three short weeks, it currently sits at the lucky #7 position.  This one could be getting some repeat plays here at The Hideaway.  Read more about Chan and her interesting life story on her site.

The Everyday Holidays EP features two new versions of last year's "A Christmas Song" (a dance remix and an acoustic rendering) from her debut EP, Naughty & Nice. The song uses breathy vocals, the words of Christmas songs past and a majestic, soaring chorus to create a song that HERC really likes.  It sounds warm and comforting without resorting to retro sounding production and Chan's voice is a gift all it's own.

Not every track on the two EPs is a winner - "Vixen" is a throwaway track, better suited to GaGa or Katy or Xtina.  But there are enough pleasant to pretty damn good songs spread over the two EPs to make it a worthwhile addition to your Holiday playlist.  As far as HERC can tell, Elizabeth Chan's music only exists in the digital realm and can be downloaded or streamed from the usual sources.  HERC hopes you get to have at least one really great day this Holiday season, no matter what the soundtrack is.

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