A distillation of Christmas Cocktails past, this one is a one-stop merry martini of Yule Tide Cheer Through The Year - at least that's what the copy says.  HERC likes it because it is 100% Holiday Party which is sometimes what he needs this time of year when it's too darn easy to find the dark places even under the glow of thousands of twinkling lights.  Now that he's listening to the album, alone in his room with a sweet tea in hand, he thinks it's too brief at 15 tracks and barely 39 minutes.  Time to dig out those ghosts of Christmas Cocktails past.


This is the 500th post here at HERC's Hideaway.  As HERC pounds this one out, there have been almost 86,000 pageviews and nearly 200 comments from viewers like you.  In addition, although he doesn't tweet, HERC's friends have tweeted about The Hideaway more than he would ever have imagined.  Those same friends have also linked to the Hideaway from their own web strongholds and for this HERC is very grateful.  Visit HERC's friends at the links below: 


BUT that's not even the big news today, oh no.  This milestone is buried beneath the pride of a parent who will watch his second child graduate from college today in the very same venue HERC watched MRS. HERC graduate from twenty-six years ago.  As someone who has yet to finish his higher education, HERC takes particular pride in the fact that his children have persevered and looks forward to living more than a little vicariously through them as their life adventures unfold.  Love ya, Spence.  (And Dev.  And J Beanzly.)

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  1. What a happy day! Congratulations all around. Cheers!