PLAYLISTICLE: Billboard's Top 50 Holiday Albums [12/28/13]

Santa Hats make everything look cool!

It's relatively late in the Holiday music game but if you're still in the mood, these are the top-selling Holiday albums according to Billboard's seasonal Holiday Albums chart for the week ending December 28, 2013, presented countdown style from #50 to #1.  [Click on album title to listen in Spotify (where available)]

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  1. Two of my three all time favorites are here: Vince Guaraldi and The Carpenters. My other top pick is the Phil Spector album. Joe Negri put out a great guitar Christmas album about 10 years ago that is fighting for a spot in my top 3.

    Tomorrow I might feel differently, but I'd rank them thusly today:

    1. Guaraldi
    2. Carpenters
    3. Spector