Demon/Harmless's BACKBEATS series #004: BOOGIE'S GONNA GETCHA

Our musical road trip so far: Started off in New York, then headed to Chicago and back to Philadelphia.  Today, we go back to the Big Apple dance floors of the early 1980s.

boo·gie \ˈbu̇-gē, ˈbü-\ noun  :earthy and strongly rhythmic rock music conducive to dancing

The fourth volume in the Backbeats series is Boogie's Gonna Getcha - 80s New York Boogie.  Most of the songs on the album are from the SAM Records stable and while four of the songs charted on both the R&B and Disco/Dance charts during 1980-1986, the majority of the songs remain underground classics.

Most of these songs were new to HERC's ears as he did not frequent the clubs where the music was originally played, being both too young and geographically distant.  That's not stopping him from shufflin' his feet and shakin' his body down to the ground as he types this.  MRS. HERC just walked by and asked him if he felt alright.  To which he replied "Just a touch of the boogie fever."

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